Welcome Post

Welcome! Thank you for joining us at Stargazer Camping! The purpose of this site is to encourage people to decompress and to enjoy nature. We want to learn from you as much as we want to share our knowledge of the great outdoors. Our goal is for this to be a place where no question is too basic. Often it can feel difficult to get into a new hobby because everyone involved seems like an expert already. No question is too small to ask, and we will be asking many questions of the more experienced folks who join us.

Katie grew up accompanying her parents and sister on many canoe trips in the Boundary Waters and beyond. Even as a child, being out in nature was a form of stress relief. As an adult she has found that spending time outdoors is even more important. We are always on-call these days whether it's on call at the office, running a hectic family schedule, or studying nonstop for the next important exam. It’s a great relief to be able to turn off our phones and enjoy the peace of the Earth.

We hope that this goal of decompressing isn’t only attainable for those who grew up camping and have experience with the outdoors. We want everyone to have this opportunity. That’s why we will focus on going over the basics of planning for various types of camping trips. In addition, we will be sharing our experiences with trips that we have taken and discussing the all-important camping gear that can make or break a trip. We realize that going on your first overnight excursion can seem daunting. Jessamine began camping only four years ago, after spending the vast majority of her life as an indoor kid. She has many insights for those who worry that camping is too dirty or uncomfortable. It can be done! Jessamine will be the first to tell you that being out in nature is very rewarding (especially when you find a good spot to hang a hammock, as she would say).

Please comment throughout our website and tell us your experiences with camping. We’d love to hear from you and gain more knowledge! We want this to be a fun learning experience for all. Now let’s get out, pitch a tent, see a shooting star, and reconnect with nature!

Happy Camping,

Katie and Jessamine